I opened my book
invited you in
your character evolved
the plot thickened

Happy ending in sight
no end to our love
the pages had hope
even life from above

But you smeared the ink
before it could dry
not even whiteout
could save our goodbye

The dagger my soul
thrust deep within
I was lost for words
my heart left broken

I knew I was wrong
my first inclination
I surrendered to love
despite my hesitation

I gave you the benefit
despite having doubt
left now to wander
lifelessly without

No explanation why
not even a plea
is this really over
how can it be

No thoughts of your own
not even a word
your silence my death
all I wanted your love

By Bradford Lee Mace

This book has closed
A new one now opened
The pages blank
But still to be written

My thoughts collected
My heart on sleeve
The story unfolding before you and me

My Pen in hand
White-out on table
Now is the time to put ink on paper

My pen is my heart
The ink my soul
The paper your mind
Let the story unfold

By Bradford Lee Mace

Innocence is becoming a myth and the legend of a world that no longer exists. The Twilight Zone is no longer science fiction or an alternate world but has become our reality. A promise is no longer a promise, and our words have become empty sounds of weightless wonder. Light has become darkness and darkness light, yet we are all blind. Truth is no longer the truth, everything is subjective; reality is now a virtual reality. We find ourselves empty as we grasp for what no longer exists, for a world that can only be known and touched through the pages of history. We are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, and Oz is our nightmare.

By Bradford Lee Mace